Upcoming Workshops: 3 Day San Francisco and Art of Editing NYC

We are excited to announce our upcoming workshop in San Francisco and NYC.

3 Day Street Photography Workshop with Jorge Garcia and Abdullah Shakur in San Francisco.

This 3-day workshop in San Francisco will include the experience of shooting in SF; as well as the discussion, analysis, and critique of photographs. We will be looking to critique photographs individually as well as give feedback on the themes emerging in photographers work and the possible directions they'd like to go in making a larger body of work.


Friday, 8/31 - 6pm-9pm: Introductions and opening lecture/discussion. Glass Key Photo
Saturday, 9/1 - 9am-6pm: Various Technique overviews in the morning followed by shooting around SF.
Sunday, 9/2 - 10am-7pm: Morning/afternoon shooting in SF followed by classroom critique. Glass Key Photo.


Art of Editing Workshop with Jorge Garcia and Sam Ferris in NYC.


This 3 day workshop in NYC is focused on helping you find your own voice and unique vision by developing your editing skills. We will review work and provide serious discussion and critique. Perform sequencing exercises to help create a final edit for a zine or series. Shaping and streamlining your images into cohesive narratives while gaining a sense of purpose for your work. We will also provide an intro to designing, printing, and making zines using app such as LR and InDesign. This workshop is a self development oriented class.


Friday October 5th - 9am-3pm: Introductions and opening lecture/discussion including editing exerciser. Afternoon shooting from 3pm to 6pm. Midtown, NYC
Saturday, October 6th - 10am: Meeting in the morning to recap edits. Shooting From 10:30 to 4pm with a editing session from 4pm to 6pm. Location to be determined.
Sunday, October 7th - 10am-5pm: Full day of editing to create a final edit. Intro to zine making. Midtown, NYC

Early bird pricing currently in effect so sign up today.