NYC-SPC Photo Brief with Jon Walker: The Bronx

NYC-SPC member, Jon Walker, has been spending some time in the Bronx exploring a borough that has managed, for the most part, to dodge gentrification. Here is what he had to say:

I’ve been shooting in the Bronx pretty regularly for a few months now, walking the length of the 4 and 5 trains from Grand Concourse to the last stop and exploring the immensity of the space in between. I’m most drawn to the variety of the landscape, the hills and great mess of tangled streets.

Despite my background in theater I never really considered myself a good actor. I have decent experience building sets, however, and I remember the feeling of performing for the first time during each production on a finished stage, the way it felt alive. Stepping off the train in the Bronx gives me that sensation again. The set is complete and an unfamiliar story about to unfold.