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"Affection-Less" 8 x 5.5 82 Pages Edition of 100
$20 Local, $22 Shipped in USA, $26 Everywhere else.
Contact us at info@nyc-spc.com to order.
Launching Mid December.
Featuring: Aaron Bunge, Cat Byrnes, Chris Voss, Eric Hsu, Frank Multari, Jonathan Higbee, Jon Walker, Jorge Garcia, Josh Ethan Johnson, Kalada Halliday, Laura Fontaine, Mark Beckenbach, Matt Anderson, Rex Khandi, Salim Hasbini, Sebastian Siadecki, Steven Davis, Victor Llorente, Youngjae Lim, Zachary Cabanas. With Special Guest Contributors Philip Kim and Sean Colello. 
Designed By Victor Llorente. Draft Cover.

Past Edition Available to order.