NYC-SPC Film Scanning Services

Support NYC-SPC by having us scan your film. A portion of the proceeds go towards funding future nyc-spc projects and events.

Scanning Available by appointment or mail only. Contact us at 813-841-0240 or use the Order form below to schedule an appointment or to mail in film.

High resolution scans recommended for prints 8x10 or Larger. Medium resolutions recommend for prints 8x10 or Smaller.

Panoramic and Half Frame rolls welcome!

Please provide a usb drive to store and return files. If scanning tiffs, 3GB of storage space per roll is needed. Ensure you have suffiecent space on the usb drive.

Turnaround 1 to 2 hours. Grab lunch in Ridgewood while you wait. Conveniently located off the L and M train in Ridgewood, Queens. 

Complete the form below and we will send you an invoice. Payment due prior to processing order.

Name *
Phone *
Panoramic (ex. Xpan) or Half Frame (ex. 3D Camera)
Request Appointment Date and Time. If mailing in, include return address.

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