New York City Street Photography Collective

NYC-SPC, a non-profit 501(c)3, is a collective made up of a small group of passionate street photographers that are dedicated to creating and sharing the art of capturing life in public spaces. The group was founded by Jorge Garcia in early 2015.


Our mission is to share the art of street photography with an underservedcommunity in NYC by establishing a gallery and educational space for people to exhibit, learn, and share work. NYC-SPC is dedicated to advancing the understanding and appreciation of contemporary street photography.


Our vision is to foster a community for those interested in street photography where they can share work, teach, learn, and inspire others.

What We Do:

Since 2015. critique meetings are held monthly and open to anyone interested in street photography. Meetings give individuals the chance to share work, experiences, techniques, and whatever else helps people advance as street photographers.

We offer members and anyone who is interested in the genre an opportunity to explore street photography with like minded individuals through engagement with a local community that shares resources and promotes individual’s work. We also regularly produce zines as well as organize exhibitions, talks, and events to highlight photographs from our members or talented photographers we discover. 

Becoming a member of NYC-SPC:

The first step to being considered is showing up and participating in collective events or initiatives. We do not accept unsolicited portfolios and we do not cherry pick photographers from social media.

Membership to become a represented photographer of NYC-SPC is by invitation only. Current collective members nominate a photographer they feel is creating interesting photographs while providing a positive impact to the local street photography community. If the group agrees, an invitation is sent to that individual to submit a portfolio. The portfolio is then reviewed by the group and voted on.

Board of Directors